Location Certified:


7745 Alabama Ave, Unit 8

Canoga Park, CA 91304

Aguavida premium water is a new water brand! Aguavida has developed an innovative and unique business model, small water bottling plants equipped with an amazing water treatment system. Local production = less environmental footprint . 

Also Aguavida premium water has Premium water and Alkaline vending machines located in Los Angeles and Orange County, so that you can access pure water 24/7. 

Aguacol USA Corporation created the Aguavida Premium Water brand to commercialize Premium water at a reasonable price, with local production and distribution to contribute socially and environmentally. 

Aguacol USA Corporation is a subsidiary company of Aguas de Colombia an engineering company dedicated to provide solutions for potable, wastewater and industrial water treatment. Since 1982 we have been designing, manufacturing and installing water treatment plants and systems made in FRP and concrete, providing environmental solutions and water quality to communities, cities and industries in Colombia and worldwide.

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