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230 West Ave 26

Los Angeles, CA 90031

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Our Broths are designed to promote health and well-being for the body and planet.  We're passionate about broth. The way it tastes. Its energizing effect. Many of us were raised on a version of this ancient delicacy, and we use that nutritional wisdom as a foundation to provide modern, enticing broths. We offer a range of superlative products compliant with several diets–vegan, gluten-free, paleo, gaps and more–so everybody can enjoy our products together at one table.Of course, if you have any further question, please email us at hello@brothee.com.


We're committed to running an environmentally conscious company, and strongly believe in respecting all animal and plant life. We only purchase our ingredients from ethical farms and source local when possible. With BROTHEE, profit and integrity are aligned. BROTHEE broths are for every body and our planet!

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