Location Certified:

323 Culver Blvd

Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Every shirt we produce is designed, printed, and tagged in Playa Del Rey with a load of love and care put in to each and every one (we even sign em'). 

Drawing, painting, and products are our passion and we rely on 'youz guys' to help support our store & our brand so that we may continue to make rad stuff for our community. Help support Playa, and hopefully end up with some $$$ in our pockets.

Sup Dude. Surf's Up Brah. Let's go skate that rail fool. Shred that wave bro. Hang ten dogg. Have a great time Bud. Live that wild style life Playa. This is Playa Del Rey Homie. We're livin' it up over here Braddah. Come party with us Home Slice. Purchase our products, look at the Art, drink some beer, and live like th King and/or Queen that you are. 
(Life is Good)

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