Use the tools below to discover advocacy, volunteer and educational opportunities available to people in your area. Start speaking out about the environmental issues you care about!

Through Government

1. Find out who represents you in the city, county and state.

2. Find out how those representatives stack up on environmental issues using the Ecovote Scorecard. This scorecard helps determine the quality of your representative's positions and voting record on sustainability. 

3. Don't like it? Register to vote. Ask for change at the ballot box.

In My Area

  • Want to get outside and help local non-profits? See current and future volunteer opportunities for the City of Los Angeles here.

  • Not in LA? Search for environmental volunteer opportunities in your area here.

With My Business

Aside from getting certified by LAGBP, there are a lot of ways businesses can take their sustainable development and environmental participation to the next level.

  • Looking for a group volunteer activity? Here are a few ideas for volunteer opportunities that will help team-building, our community, and more.

    • Get outside and dig in with TreePeople.

    • Help EnrichLA build gardens and sustainable initiatives at LA City schools.  

    • Do a beach clean-up with Heal the Bay! They also offer educational programming for groups and companies.

  • Get creative! Ask your employees to start or maintain a new action at home each month like composting, turning off the lights, or turning off the AC. Make it a unique collective action challenge. You can even document it and share it on your social media outlets.

With My Dollar

1. Search for local initiatives and organizations that need funding.

2. Search for statewide initiatives and organizations that need funding.

3. Search for global initiatives and organizations that need funding.

OR use your dollar to encourage businesses to go green...

4. Check out our list of green cleaning products and consider buying environmentally friendly products for your home. 

5. Make sure you check the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch tool before buying seafood, and check No-Harm's list of sustainable meat producers before buying poultry, pork and beef. 

6. Use the EPA's lists of "greener" electronics, furniture, and more when considering bigger purchases. 

7. Eat produce that is in season! It's easy if you use this chart

8. Buying a car is a big investment. Make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck by checking the fuel efficiency and environmental standards of your potential vehicle here

Crunched for Time or Money?

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