Location Certified:

327 E 2nd St

 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Eddie uses his extensive knowledge of the Planning, Building, and Health codes to develop overall project design and strategy for his clients' projects. He oversees each phase of every project to ensure the level of professionalism and customer service that his clients have come to expect. In addition, Eddie is FE Design's chief representative at all public hearings and he often meets with Senior City staff to discuss his projects or the overall direction of the municipal code. Because of his knowledge of the industry, Eddie has been featured or quoted in several news stories and articles regarding hospitality permitting in the City of Los Angeles.


Since he started FE Design in 2003, Eddie has helped over 500 businesses research their properties and secure Planning Variances and Conditional Uses, Building Permits, Health Permits, Revocable Permits, Industrial Waste Permits, Special Event Permits, Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses, and Police Permits for Dance Halls and Live Entertainment.

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