Location Certified:

7019 Foothill Blvd
Tujunga, CA 91043

FormLA Landscaping is transforming Los Angeles one lush, beautiful, sustainable landscape at a time. We take pride in giving our clients peace of mind in their landscapes and with our work. 

We believe you and Los Angeles deserve our best. Choosing optimally sustainable materials benefits our whole community, while choosing native foliage ensures Los Angeles rocks a look distinctive from anywhere else in the world. Whether we are creating a smart LEED® landscape design, impeccably crafting hardscapes with sustainable materials and practices, or ensuring your landscape thrives, our work is infused with the knowledge that our work can save the world… or at least LA! In providing beautiful, architecturally significant landscapes, we are:
• Supporting the health of all who use the space,
• Enhancing LA’s independence from external water sources,
• Facilitating neighborhood cohesion and safety,
• Lessening our communal tax burden, and
• Protecting our oceans, wild lands and water sources.

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