Real Fundamental Change

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What can WE do?


While we're doing the best we can to work within our current economic and political systems here at the LAGBP... by recognizing businesses that are being "greener" in their everyday practices ... there are still some real fundamental issues to be addressed, change and solutions to be realized. 

The list below details some very important fundamental changes we can all look towards to create REAL IMPACT, for the benefit of Mother Earth and the human species: 

1. Support Fusion Energy

This may be our best hope at an unlimited, clean energy source. Our continued reliance on fossil fuels is not ideal, of course - fossil fuels are polluting, harmful, and unsustainable in the long run. Even as we move towards more sustainable energy sources, solar, wind and other "alternatives" aren't the silver bullet that fusion energy is. Solar and Wind do create a lot of jobs and are currently making a lot of smart business people money, but these technologies have limitations and are dirty to manufacture and dispose of. Fusion, meanwhile, has the potential to meet the world’s energy demands in a cleaner and more efficient way. Although there is still research to be done in order to make fusion energy commercially viable and technologically feasible, it is important that we are informed on the topic and that we support continued research in order to keep the options for the future open.

What Can YOU Do? 

  • Get to know the pros and cons of all alternative energy sources to better understand the future of energy

  • Get educated on the topic of fusion energy

  • Voice your interest in research and experimentation in the field

  • Support funding of fusion research

  • Be openminded and think in the long-term


2. Promote More Walkable Cities

Prioritizing pedestrian mobility over vehicle mobility when designing cities is critical in moving towards a more sustainable society. Decreased dependence on cars means that harmful air pollution is reduced, and the environment becomes a healthier and "greener" place to live. Walkable cities promote a healthier and happier population as well, owing to the fact that residents adopt more active, relaxed lifestyles when cars are out of the picture. When designing a community with the wants and needs of pedestrians in mind, the city becomes more beautiful - sidewalks and parks are restored, shops are more welcoming, socialization is encouraged, and safety is prioritized all to ensure that walking is convenient and enjoyable. A healthier, happier, stronger, and "greener" community is possible through support and implementation of more walkable cities.   


3. Empower and Support Women's Rights Around the Globe

Supporting women's reproductive rights is essential to decreasing poverty and improving quality of life for people around the world. Women and children are disproportionately impacted by the affects of global warming - for this reason, strong reproductive rights, reproductive education, and family planning is needed so that women and families are better prepared for the impacts of climate change and disasters. In addition, supporting education and women's empowerment ensures that women around the globe understand environmental issues and enables women to influence decision-making related to sustainability and climate change.

What Can YOU Do?

  • Become a champion of gender equality and reproductive justice

  • Vote for laws and policies that advance reproductive rights 

  • Support the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Global Fund for Women, and other similar organizations 

  • Support groups that educate women all over the globe about the environment and sustainability

  • Create platforms for women to make their voices heard and to be involved in decision-making processes

4. Increase Public Transit

Commuting in single occupant vehicles on a large scale (as is all too common in LA) comes with a whole host of problems, including harmful emissions, loads of traffic, unnecessary stress, steep fuel costs, and lots of wasted time. This has huge environmental, economic, and societal consequences. The solution? Increase public transit! We need to refurbish buses, add routes and stops that reach more people, invest in bike share programs - anything to get cars off the road in order to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment. Using public transit provides opportunities for increased work productivity, social interaction, and relaxation, all while making a hugely beneficial impact on the well-being of the environment and the community. 








What Can YOU Do?

  • Vote for public transit in local, state, and national elections

  • Support programs that make public transit more convenient and accessible

  • Choose public transit over cars whenever you can

  • Buy a transit pass and become a member of your city's bike share program 

  • Be the voice of public transit in your community - advertise the benefits, organize promotional events, and start a Bike to Work Day!

5. Eat Less Meat

Animal agriculture accounts for more carbon dioxide emissions than the world's entire transportation industry, making it a huge contributor to climate change. Raising livestock also produces waste that pollutes waterways, consumes large amounts of fresh water and food that could have otherwise provided resources for the food insecure, and utilizes tons of land that could have been used in a more productive and beneficial way. Additionally, the average American eats more meat than is necessary for a healthy diet, so cutting down on meat and promoting a more plant-based diet could contribute to a happier, healthier life. By choosing to eat less meat, we could help to decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions and save valuable resources while positively impacting our own health and well-being. 

What Can YOU Do?

  • When you do eat meat, decrease portion sizes

  • Opt for meats that are less resource-intensive to produce - choose chicken and eggs over beef and pork

  • Explore the multitude of delicious vegetarian recipes online or in cookbooks

  • Choose to have several meatless, plant-based meals during the week 

  • Try going vegetarian or vegan ... it's not as hard as you think!

What Can YOU Do?

  • Let your local government know that urban mobility is one of the public's priorities

  • Volunteer to help beautify your city - plant trees and clean sidewalks and paths

  • Support programs that prioritize the safety and well-being of pedestrians

  • Obey traffic laws to create a safer environment for walkers

  • Be a leader in your community and promote the environmental and health benefits of walking as a mode of transportation

  • Map out convenient routes around your city and start walking!

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