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500 S Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Creating a Better World


Today’s business and civic leaders are interested in learning how they can restructure their organizations and communities to become more resourceful, resilient and regenerative. As designers and strategists, we remain committed to providing clients with design solutions that create a better world to live, work and play.


Sustainable Leadership


Gensler uses a whole systems view to gain an understanding of our client’s context and challenges, applying the appropriate lenses of community, wellness, ecology, materials, water and energy. This approach reveals connections between lenses, enabling design solutions that enhance human wellness, performance, collaboration and experience.


Leveraging the Power of Design


Sustainable design is producing results that matter to our clients: reduced first-cost and lifecycle energy and operating costs; improved brand recognition; and a quality of life that promotes health and wellness. Our process is tuned for design decision support with robust project information modeling that incorporates computational geometry and performance simulation. A holistic economical-ecological view informs all of our sustainable design solutions.

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