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1416 N La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, California, 90028

Since 2011, Good Planet Media has worked to promote environmental and social awareness through brand integration and production sustainability. 



Our mission is to inspire conscious consumer behavior by placing eco-friendly, cruelty free, fair trade, and healthy products and brands in popular movies and television shows and to facilitate a paradigm shift in the entertainment industry towards sustainable production. 



Good Planet has access to nearly every film and television shows in production. We carefully review scripts for effective placement opportunities for our clients. In addition, Good Planet works with several premium online channels (eg. Youtube), major award shows, charity events and film festivals to provide optimal exposure for our brands.

As commercial advertising declines, brand integration and product placements are becoming the most effective ways for brands to reach consumers. We leverage these opportunities exclusively for sustainable products. 



Good Planet Media carefully reviews each production's unique needs and potential. We then employ synergistic strategies that reduce waste, increase the positive impact on local communities while raising social and environmental awareness, and save productions money and resources. 



In addition to our other services, Good Planet Media also works closely with our clients to help market their products in a variety of ways. We leverage our relationships in the greater Los Angeles area to find sponsorship opportunities that increase the brand awareness of our client's products and develop sales pitches to prospective businesses. Additionally, we participate in gifting suites before a variety of movie and music award ceremonies to expose our client's products to A list celebrities. 

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