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15928 Ventura Blvd, #118

Encino, CA 91436

The Healing Rose is a unique skin care treatment center, where cosmetic practices are restored and brought back to their original meaning, deriving from the Greek word Kosmos (Cosmos) or Order and Harmony.


We were trained in holistic aesthetics by the international leader in organic cosmetics,WALA Heilmittel, Germany, the producer of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and anthroposophic home remedies. We offer a variety of Facial and Body Treatments, originating from the Classic Dr. Hauschka Facial and, of course, The Classic Treatment proper, which is two hours long and is an experience in itself, often called“a mini-vacation”.  Our organic and highly effective chemical-free facials address a variety of skin conditions, including, but not limited to, acne (adult and teenage),cystic acne, rosacea, eczema, premature aging, dermatitis, discoloration, excessive dryness, chloasma, brown spots, hair loss. Therapeutic benefit of the Dr. Hauschka Treatment lies in the way it addresses the whole person: the key element in the Treatment being lymph stimulation (a gentle massage of the face, neck, chest and arms, feet and legs for longer treatments), that strengthens the body’s immune system by activating detoxification and elimination of bodily waste. 


We offer a complete line of Dr. Hauschka and Weleda products: facial, body, hair, oral , baby care and make-up. We have an amply stocked Apothecary with homeopathic/anthroposophic remedies from WALA and Weleda, Uriel Pharmacy; biodynamic teas (Kidney/Bladder, Liver, Heart/Circulation, Rose, Nursing Tea) and the best supplements available on the market today (New Mark/New Chapter and Vital Nutrients). 


We took great care in creating and maintaining a healthy space, paying special attention to such “environmental” factors as the quality of the air, heat, light, colors and sounds. All inside surfaces at The Healing Rose are painted with eco-safe paint, we burn only pure beeswax candles, HEPA filters are ensuring air purity and our clients and visitors are kindly asked not to wear perfume. During treatment only biodynamic cotton is used for facial compresses. Our clients are offered individually suitedKangen water to drink.

If you’re looking for safe age-defying facial treatments that will re-establish your inner rhythms and will relax you in a serene setting to the sounds of healing music, gentle light of salt crystal lamps and the smell of pure beeswax candles, we invite you to the warm soul-filled space of The Healing Rose Center. For many people it has become an antidote to a busy urban bit and to impersonal salons and spas.


All appointments at The Healing Rose are scheduled with your privacy in mind and appreciation of your time. Here you are guaranteed to receive full attention without interruption.

The Healing Rose staff feels confident telling its guests that a Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatment is like no other facial they have ever experienced, it transcends the ordinary!

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