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733 North La Brea Ave #200
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Home Upgrade Specialist is a professional team of consultants when it comes to smarter, more efficient living. From handling HVAC installation, repair and replacement alongside high efficiency windows, exterior paintwork, chemical-free insulation and other vital solutions for maximizing your quality of life, we use our fifteen years of experience to make a huge difference to your energy usage and quality of life.


However, as a firm with modern ideas, we make sure you can give you the help that you need to find an enterprising solution. Our team are fully aware of the requirements needed to help make your remodelling experience as safe and as efficient as possible. Having spent a huge amount of time over the years planning and preparing eco-friendly, affordable changes to your property, we make it much easier for you to make cohesive changes that add up to an eco-friendlier future and a more robust network of solutions starting today.


Our primary aim as a business is simple – to help you have a sustainable solution for making life more comfortable, more affordable and also doing your bit for the environment. We care a great deal about that, and work tirelessly to help make sure that season-in, season-out your property can give you the quality and cost that you deserve.

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