Location Certified:

12851 Riverside Drive

Valley Village, CA 91607

Hugo’s Restaurant was built on founder Terry Kaplan's vision which included “a kitchen producing original and wonderful foods found nowhere else” and "a compelling and exciting thought...to have a family of co-workers who cared for each other in a genuine way. They would experience support, respect and feelings of well being. That would be the true heart and soul, the inspiring element" of Hugo's. 

Although faces, menus and times have changed, Terry's simple idea continues to be a beacon and the essence of our idea of hospitality. Hugo's is honored to be a touchstone for a community of like-minded people, both employees and customers, who value their time here. If you've felt a connection to the way we serve you and the community, then you're a Hugonaut, too. As Terry said so eloquently, "The menu will . . . change, but please, let's let the Hugo philosophy . . . continue, for love is, after all, our real true power."

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