Location Certified:

12000 Vista Del Mar,
Playa del Rey, CA 90293

We created the Environmental Learning Center to teach children and adults about sustainable water and solid resources management in Los Angeles. The Environmental Learning Center was developed as an engaging, interactive learning environment that not only explains sustainable principles for everyday life, but also demonstrates these principles. So as visitors look around, they will see water and solid materials recycling on-site, conservation practiced continuously, environment-friendly building materials and a green roof, and many more examples of sustainable principles in action.


Visitors to the Environmental Learning Center will gain a greater understanding of the City’s work to protect public health and the environment. Through interactive exhibits, our visitors will learn the essential role of every individual for the future of clean water treatment and conservation, watershed protection and the management of our solid resources. We believe that visitors to the Environmental Learning Center will discover an amazing resource for environmental education. We hope that after visiting, thousands of Angelenos of all ages will be inspired to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives, thus becoming much needed -- and much more effective -- stewards of the environment.

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