Locations Certified:



5825 Franklin Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90028


701 Lincoln Blvd

 Venice, CA 90291

At Locali, all sandwiches are made to order. Our panini and warm breakfast sandwiches have an average preparation time of 10 minutes. Our Brekkie Burrito needs 15 minutes in the oven. Our passion is delivering responsibly grown, innovative food worthy of our customers' appetites and patronage. We strive to make you smile and thrive to make you think. 

At Locali, we eat and live to make a difference. The first organic deli/natural foods market hybrid conenience store; Established in 2009. 

Organic Produce, Spices, Oils & Deli Ingredients Whenever Possible. Superior Quality Deli Meats are Antibiotic-free, Growth Hormone-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free, Nitrate-free + Vegeterian-Fed; Tuna- Wild Caught/Dolphin Safe. 

Customer Service that Genuinely cares About You…yeah, little old you. 

A Place Where Your Purchase Power Actually Makes a Difference…because we give a you know what.

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