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2829 Bellevue Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Jason Kaplan loves bagels. Let's just get that out there. Growing up on the east coast, his mom packed him a bagel lunch every day: bagel with cream cheese (sometimes lox), Bugles™, and a fruit roll. (This was the 70's people. Those were the food groups.)


Cut to 2004. Jason moved to Los Angeles, looked around, and was like, "Where's the bagels?"


Cut to 2014. Ten years and still no bagels?? Enough was enough. He bought a Hobart mixer, spent a year and a half baking a dozen a day, and here we are. He hopes you like your bagels the way he does. Crispy, chewy, a little yeasty and a little sweet.


Jason Maury Kaplan... bagels are his middle name.

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