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634 Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Move LA’s mission is to build a broad constituency that will advocate for the development of a comprehensive, diverse, robust, clean, and financially sound public transportation system for Los Angeles County and champion strategies to accelerate its implementation.

Los Angeles County is one of the most important economic and cultural engines in the United States. We are also America’s gateway to the growing economies of the Pacific Rim making the efficiency of our transportation system a crucial issue for the world. Famously, our community is also the most auto dependent in the nation with the most congested highways and the worst air pollution. Over the past several years, traffic congestion has become increasingly severe while gasoline prices have soared, prompting significant public outcry and worries of economic and environmental decline. Public concern over the state of our transportation system has greatly increased.

Out of the urgency of this situation and the sense of opportunity posed by the upcoming 2008 Presidential Elections, Move LA was born. Convening the business, labor, environmental and social justice communities into dialogue about the urgency of this problem, the range of possible solutions, and the opportunities available to Los Angeles County, Move LA created the coalition which led to the formulation and passage of Measure R on the November, 2008 ballot. The result: voter approval for a 1/2-cent sales tax increase that will provide an estimated $40 billion in funding for transportation projects in Los Angeles County over the next 30 years. Approximately 70% of these funds will be used for clean public transit projects and programs.

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