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Cornith Avenue

1645 Corinth Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90025


200 N. Spring Street, Room 430

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Manchester Drive

7166 W. Manchester Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Mike Bonin represents the 11th District on the Los Angeles City Council, bringing a powerful voice for neighborhood empowerment and common sense solutions to city government.

As Councilmember for the city’s Westside, Mike’s priority is to put neighborhoods first. He is working to promote mass transit and traffic relief, protect the environment, and use technology to make government more effective, efficient and transparent.

Mike is known for his hands-on approach and his insistence on better city services. He can be seen frequently filling potholes, picking up trash, or trimming trees with city workers, or patrolling the streets with police officers or firefighters. As part of his ambitious “Access 11” plan to bring City Hall closer to our neighborhoods, Mike holds open community office hours in the evenings and on weekends at local farmers markets, coffee shops, and senior centers to provide working people access to their council representative when it is more convenient for them. Mike and his staff regularly go door-to-door, seeking ideas to improve city services, and coordinate service projects to improve our neighborhoods.

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