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549 South Olive Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

One-of-a-kind progressive men’s luxury retail and exhibition space in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, «Please Do Not Enter» invites you to discover an eclectic array of exclusive, carefully selected and timeless contemporary goods.


From design to art and fashion, each piece has an unheard-of story that the founders, Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird, are longing to tell you. «Please Do Not Enter» is the promise of a destination that exceeds today’s luxury consumers’ expectations.


Step away from frantic shopping for brands and hype trends. Rather, sneak in «Please Do Not Enter» ’s private space, discover a genuinely subjective collection, an ode to modern life, where pleasing the eye goes hand in hand with timeless quality and functionality. Nicolas and Emmanuel aren’t new to the art of curation, collaboration with artists and designers is a daily element of their lives and their home in the heart of France, a national attraction, showcases their affinity with contemporary art and design. In April 2014, let yourself in the historical PacMutual building on Sixth street, and experience this unique collection…

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