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4315 Leimert Blvd

LA, CA 90008

Prevention Institute was founded in 1997 as the national center for developing and advancing the practice of primary prevention. We strive to shift the overarching mindset and approach to health from one that focuses solely on treating sick individuals, to one that prevents disease, violence and injury before they occur. We are building a movement to transform communities to support equity, health, and safety in the first place, by bolstering the conditions and factors that foster resilience and well being.

Prevention Institute is a nonprofit organization that synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; designs and guides inter-sectoral partnerships; and provides training, technical assistance, and strategy development to promote innovative community-oriented solutions, better government and business practices, and policy change.


Our approach to solving complex health and social issues is to address multiple problems concurrently, which all stem from similar underlying factors. We work across multiple Focus Areas and our core mission is to promote health equity—the commitment to ensuring that every person has an equal opportunity to be healthy and safe.

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