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4870 W Adams Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90016

Studio Jantzen is a design forward architectural firm with a diverse client base that includes public institutions such as city administrations and universities, as well as private developers, investment groups and individuals. In 2012, Christof Jantzen founded Studio Jantzen ( SJ ), which is dedicated to the design of high-performance, energy efficient and sustainable architecture. Prior to starting Studio Jantzen, Christof was a founding Partner of Behnisch Architekten Los Angeles (1999 -2012) and Boston (2006-2009).

Our projects range from urban design and planning studies, large scale institutional and educational buildings, office buildings, commercial facilities and private homes.


This diversity has given us extensive experience in navigating multiple stakeholders. Each design process is an exciting new adventure for us and we approach our practice as an open-minded “laboratory” where art and science meet. Our passion is to engage like-minded clients in the bold pursuit of inspired, and inspiring architecture.

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