Workforce Development


At the heart of our program is education and awareness. With limited staff and budget, we cannot monitor everything that our businesses do on a daily basis to maintain their certification. However, we want to inspire and educate all of our businesses and their employees on green business practices. We provide award-winning Corporate Training for anyone in your company or organization.



• Want to get LEED accredited? This is a great way to add to your resume and add to your value in your office or company. Visit the USGBC website to learn more.      

• Want tips on how to encourage your workforce to adopt green practices at the office and beyond? Start a carpool program, or encourage your employees to use public transit! Start an office recycling contest!

• See more tips and tricks, as well as resources to help you get started here      

For Students


Whether you are looking to supplement your education with "eco-knowledge", or pursue a career in a green industry, Los Angeles has many resourced colleges and universities to help you in your endeavor.

• Check out the Los Angeles Community College class offerings here. LACCD colleges offer classes in everything from environmental design to toxicology. 

• Build LACCD is looking for interns! Be a part of LACCD's ongoing sustainable transformation and expansion. More information here

Interested in being trained in our work? The Los Angeles Green Business Program (LAGBP) is working on launching a training program for students interested in learning the intricacies of maintaining and certifying green businesses in the City of Los Angeles. You could be a part of certifying offices at your school!

Express interest in being trained using the contact form below. Once our program is up and running, we will reach out with more details.

Adult Education


Looking for a career change? Want to amp up your resume with additional "green" skills? 

• LACCD offers adult education classes and programs through the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC).


• Read more about programs offered for adults at nine LACCD colleges here

• Our city's Economic and Workforce Development Department has two WorkSource Centers (in Boyle Heights and Downtown) dedicated to training in clean tech.  


• Contact the Boyle Heights Center by calling 213-629-5800, or contact the Downtown Center by calling 213-353-1677. These centers can also help connect potential employees with businesses in need of candidates. 

Click here for a list of great development resources curated by L.A. Trade Tech for people interested in a green career. 


Ever considered a job in renewable energy? Looking for individuals trained in clean technology to fill your company's position?


U.S. renewable energy jobs employ 800,000 people, and that number continues to grow. You can learn more and obtain training needed to do these jobs at the Department of Energy website. 


• You can also look for solar job opportunities, or post jobs for qualified candidates here. 

Job Postings and Recruiting

We want all of our green businesses and employees to have access to resources that will help them develop careers and recruit qualified, trained candidates in green industries.   


• Post green jobs and look for green job openings here. Only looking for candidates or jobs in LA? Search here.


• Develop your network in green industries by joining these helpful LinkedIn and Facebook groups.    

iHireEnvironmental tracks down environmental jobs and helps employers expedite the hiring process for environmental professionals. 








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