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Assistant Vice Chancellor 

360 De Neve Dr., Sproul Hall Ste. 182

Los Angeles, CA 90095

Our Bi-Partite Mission

Transforming UCLA from A Commuter to Residential Campus.

Creating Environments That Empower People to Reach Their Fullest Potential.

UCLA's Housing & Dining Program

The team at UCLA H&HS creates safe, well-maintained and inviting living environments that are home to more than 16,000 students, faculty and staff. This includes approximately 97% of UCLA’s freshman class.

The H&HS team manages every operational aspect of UCLA’s housing program. This includes implementing long-range campus housing plans to managing the everyday operating and service details of the housing facilities. We provide dining, housekeeping, maintenance, and resident services to those living in UCLA’s on-campus residential complexes and off-campus university apartment complexes.

UCLA's Hospitality Services

The H&HS team creates welcoming meeting environments to bring people together to learn, collaborate, and engage in dialog about today’s important issues. Our team’s expertise in facilities and food service management is key to offering exceptional hospitality services. Our H&HS hospitality group includes the UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center, the UCLA Guest House, the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center, and UCLA Conferences & Catering.

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