Department Certified:

11000 Kinross Ave #200,
Los Angeles, CA 90024

OIP-ISR supports UCLA's research, education and service mission by:

• Commercializing intellectual property rights; 
• Facilitating collaborations with industry for next-generation scientific breakthroughs;
• Advancing UCLA entrepreneurship and research; while
• Protecting the university’s interests by managing risk; and
• Promoting economic growth in California. 
The scope of activities include:
• Commercially evaluating new technologies;
• Determining patentability and commercial value;
• Prosecuting patents;
• Marketing and licensing inventions;
• Facilitating UCLA faculty startups;
• Engaging industry to facilitate research collaboration;
• Negotiating license agreements and Material Transfer Agreements; &
• Receiving and distributing royalties and other income to the inventors, UCLA Campus and its Departments.

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