Location Certified:

3434 South Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90089

The USC Green Office Certification Program gives students, staff, and faculty members a framework for implementing sustainable practices in their workplaces. There are more than 20,000 staff and faculty members at USC and roughly 35,000 students. Thereby, the offices throughout the university represent an opportunity to make significant reductions in key areas including: 
  1. Green IT
  2. Networking & Awareness
  3. Recycling
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Transportation
  6. Energy Management
  7. Office Supplies
  8. Innovations
Based on the points that each office earns in each of the categories listed, offices are awarded a Green Office Certificate at one of four levels:
Bronze   |   Silver   |   Gold   |   Platinum  

Certification levels are based on the percentage of points that an office receives out of the total points for which they are eligible. The certification ratings are as follows: 
Bronze: 50% | Silver: 70% | Gold: 80% | Platinum: 90%

The next time you see a Green Office Seal or certificate around campus or on a department's website you will know that the office is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by using sustainable products, managing their energy, commuting in an eco-friendly way, and more!

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