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Company Overview


Gerald Merritt and Max Kopp founded Validyne Engineering in 1968. The company strategy at start-up was to provide a solution for applications requiring low cost sensors for low pressure range capabilities. Throughout the 1970's Validyne's product offering expanded to include signal conditioning hardware. Then in the 1980's, data acquisition systems were added. Today, these three product lines make up roughly 95% of Validyne's sales. Regardless of the type of product, Validyne has a reputation for long-lasting, well-supported, highly reliable products. We value our excellent reputation and require all of our products to live up to these high-quality expectations.


Product Overview


Validyne has three product lines, which include pressure transducers, data acquisition systems and signal conditioning equipment. Our staff of talented engineers has developed a diverse set of products. We are continuously looking for new business opportunities to utilize our engineering resources to expand our product portfolio. The following paragraphs describe the primary products currently sold by Validyne.


Pressure Transducers


The original design approach consisted of the variable reluctance concept developed by Pace Engineering in the 1950's. Improvements in manufacturing and performance were made that enabled the technology to be the basis of a product line of pressure transducers that is still selling well today. One primary discriminator is the ability to change sensing elements thus saving customers money by allowing them to re-range the unit or replace damaged sensing. Another discriminator is thermal stability due to consistent metallurgical content from the diaphragm (sensing element) to the transducer housing. The DP15, P55 and P855 are the work-horse transducers that are very popular with research and development labs, medical equipment and vehicle I engine testing companies, aeronautical engineers, soil and core testing labs.

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